Flat Roofing in Johnstown

While you won’t hear us arguing against the esthetic appeal of a pitched roof any time soon, it simply makes good sense for commercial buildings to opt for a flat roof because they are almost always cheaper, lower maintenance and provide a lot of space-saving options. Johnstown business and commercial building owners no doubt already know how important these three qualities are.

With less surface area to cover compared to a pitched roof, flat roofs don’t have the same costs as pitched roofs. Whenever there is an issue with your Johnstown flat roof, providing it with maintenance is so much easier because it’s much simpler to get up and walk around than the pitched variety. Plus, strategic business owners who have chosen a flat roof have opportunities to lower operation costs. For example, air conditioning units can be placed on the roof, which could minimize opportunities for vandalism. It could also be used for a rooftop garden or additional green space.

Flat roofs have no shortage of benefits, which is why they are so popular with Johnstown commercial properties. The key to maximizing the benefits associated with flat roofs is finding trained and insured roofers who can provide the necessary services efficiently and reliably. At L And L Development LLC, we pride ourselves on being those roofing professionals.

With more experience working on commercial flat roofs than any contractors in the Johnstown area, we guarantee your satisfaction for whatever you need from us. Contact L And L Development LLC today to take advantage of our top-rated flat roof services.

Flat Roof Restorations

A new flat roof can be a big investment. And while they are less expensive and easier to install than pitched roofs, it’s still something business owners are rarely to invest in at the drop of a hat. That’s why we are proud to offer flat roof restoration services. With our help, we can make your flat roof as good as new while saving you thousands of dollars.

All you need to do is contact L And L Development LLC and our professionals will come to inspect the roof. We will take special care to document the problem areas and let you know how we plan to restore their integrity.

When the restoration process begins, we always clean the roof so that the new materials can adhere properly. All open cracks are located and sealed using a variety of hot rubber patches, fiberglass membranes and rubberized roof cement. The materials we use to seal the cracks depends on their severity.

After sealing the cracks, we will flood coat the entire roof, including the wall flashings, to make sure that leaks and UV radiation don’t degrade the roof any further. Once it’s fully cured, you will have a seamless, water-tight membrane protecting your flat roof from the elements.

Contact L And L Development LLC Today

Flat roofs are a great option for any Johnstown business or commercial property owner, provided they have someone they can call to solve problems as they arise. When you need the help of trusted roofing professionals, get in touch with L And L Development LLC and help will soon be on the way.