Deck and Patio, Composite Deck Repair and Maintenance

Composite Advantage in Johnstown

There’s no doubt about it, composite decks have the advantage over their wooden counterparts. When you walk across them in bare feet, you may have to worry a bit about heat on darker boards but you certainly don’t have to worry about splinters. Made of 95% recycled plastics and reclaimed woods, composite decks are eco-friendly. Imagine, having a deck that was created without cutting down a single tree!

Composite decking was created as a luxury product resulting in a zero-maintenance deck. When recommending it at L And L Development LLC it’s fun to point this out—you’re getting a once-luxury product to install in your Johnstown home! And, while it’s impossible to have a completely maintenance free product, it comes quite close.

Keeping Up With Composite

In terms of maintenance we’re really not joking when we say composite is near-zero. With older uncapped boards you’re looking at sweeping and then washing gently with a composite-specific cleaner. With newer capped boards, they have a type of armor applied to them that remove the need for cleaners. Scrub your capped composite deck down with soap and water and if you get any unsightly dents in it, just try flipping the board over.

Making the Switch

It’s hard to deal with old wooden decks that are falling apart. Do you remove them from your home? Replace boards? Is there mold in them, and how much? Even worse, termites and other pests that could make their way into your home? It can seem hopeless—like maybe you need to just get rid of your deck and live without. Or you can resurface with composite decking.

Once gathering the necessary permits, you can tear out your old boards and install the composite deck boards.

This process will require a couple inspections. If the substructure of your deck isn’t satisfactory, unfortunately you may have to tear the entire thing down and start from scratch. But if you’ve just got a few segments that need replacing—have no fear—we can do that.

There are many Johnstown clients we’ve helped with projects like this, and they love the results! If you’ve made the decision to switch to composite—congrats! Very soon you will have a beautiful deck that lasts longer than any other.

An Easy Fix

Owning a composite deck, you’ll soon realize that huge repairs just aren’t a concern. Scratches blend over time and as long as you clean food off quickly, you’re not going to see a lot of staining either.

Planks can discolor but tend to do so as a whole, and you will hardly notice, If this is the case, don’t sand them—call our professional team at L And L Development LLC and we can brighten up your boards!

Should there be a large abrasion or broken boards, we can replace those for $20 to $50 per square foot.

Stress Free Decking for Life

Composite decks are a beautiful addition to any home that will make summer your favorite season and add plenty of curb appeal.

While low-maintenance, occasionally problems can appear. They’ll likely be covered by your warranty, and at L And L Development LLC we’re on hand to fix them quickly!